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Edinburgh Yes Hub – link to their Newsletter

This is a good quality regular publication – highly recommended even for folk outwith the Edinburgh area. Specially good to print off and take to friends and relatives in care homes – it keeps them in touch with what’s happening.

If you want to comment on this issue of the newsletter please go to its blog post which can be found here.

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National Yes Registry – connecting activists and Yes groups


Phantom Power Filmssee their great series of No-to-Yes journeys


Indy Live – when you can’t make it to a rally – watch coverage here



The Great British Power Grab

Westminster is intending to “take back control” of certain powers that currently lie in Scotland.



  • Scotland is GM FREE, we don’t allow Genetically Modified crops. Guess what Westminster want our farmers to do.


  • Most Scots want rid of nuclear weapons and would rather spend those hundreds of billions on the people – healthcare, education, social advancement, better broadband. Westminster is hell-bent on renewing Trident and making us pay for bombs rather than bandages.


Scotland The Brand

Scottish produce is appearing in the supermarkets inside Union Jacks! Keep Scotland The Brand!

“If it’s got a jack, put it back”.

See the leaflet here


Scotland is talking politics again

Scotland is talking politics again!

The spirit of 2014 is moving again across the land. Everywhere, in every county, in every town, in our cities, in our pubs, people are discussing Independence. But this time, it’s not “should Scotland be an independent country”.

This time it’s about what we do after Independence. It’s about a new currency, so we can properly control our own economy. It’s about what we do with the nuclear bomb submarines – we can build a strong navy and coastguard to patrol and protect the seas around us. It’s about spending on health services. It’s about pensions – no longer having amongst the lowest pensions in Europe. It’s about industry – re-building our industrial base and making good well-paying jobs. It’s about migration – we have a completely different need from our neighbours down south.

Take Back Control was the newspaper headlines. In Scotland we have no real control of anything. Westminster has shown it just takes back control of any policy it wants, no matter whether that’s good or bad for Scotland.

This summer there are marches and rallies planned for all our cities, where tens of thousands will peacefully fly the flag for Scotland.




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We are :
Non-party political,
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